Ginnie Sherer

Sherer Ginnie

Address: 1430 Menominee Drive, Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone: 920.573.3054
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Medium: 2-D photography and woodcarving
Gallery Representation: 

Ginnie Sherer

Ginnie Sherer’s artwork is an artistic combination of bird photograph and hand-carved, wooden bird feathers.  Each framed piece of artwork represents her artistry of wood carving and photography.   Her framed pieces display a bird photograph paired with a feather from the bird that she has carved from wood and painted.  Ginnie also frames individual feathers she has carved and painted.  Ginnie has shown her artwork at juried art shows throughout Wisconsin, winning awards for this unique combination of art.

Having a lifelong interest in birds, Ginnie began photographing birds in her teens using a 35mm camera.   After retiring from a 30-year career as a Child Protection and Foster Care social worker, she had more time to devote to her photography. Many of the images she uses in her artwork are of birds photographed in northeastern Wisconsin.  Upon request, she is able to use birds from other regions in her artwork as long as she has an image of the bird.  She has thousands of bird images in her collection. Ginnie uses a digital Sony camera outfitted with a Sigma 150-500mm zoom lens to capture most of her bird images. This type of lens allows her to photograph birds in their natural habitat, respecting their space in nature. 

Ginnie and her husband, Dick Oelschlager, co-own their art business, Good Feathered Friends LLC, which Ginnie founded in 2015.  Dick uses his skills to frame all of the artwork.  Together they live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with a beautiful view of Lake Winnebago.  Their location gives Ginnie opportunities to photograph birds throughout the year, particularly during the spring and fall migration in the Lake Winnebago waterways.  Both Ginnie and Dick enjoy being outdoors in nature.  Kayaking affords Ginnie unique opportunities to photograph birds and waterfowl while on the water.


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